The Tools to Manifest Your True Desires Are Within Reach

Are you tired of lackluster results with the same old manifesting techniques?

  • Have you been disappointed in your manifestation results with the "law of attraction?"
  • Have you found that affirmations, visualizing your ideal life and making vision boards produced very little positive change in your life?

If so, I can tell you in full honesty that it's because you were taught an incomplete version of the techniques and principles of manifestation.

Hi there,
My name is Cameron Day, and my life's work focuses on consciousness, presence, awareness and manifesting.

Scroll down to learn about some of the subtleties of manifestation and some of the reasons why...

The Manifestation Methods That You've Been Taught Might Actually Be Working Against You

The truth is that for most people, affirmations, visualizing your ideal life and making vision boards simply does not produce any positive results.  For some people, those practices actually make things worse.

However, those techniques CAN work for a small percentage of people:  Those who are already successful and happy in life and business, and who truly believe that they deserve even more success.  For everyone else, a more nuanced and effective system is needed.

Here is the reason those "standard techniques" DON'T work for the vast majority of people: You don't truly believe in what you are affirming or visualizing!

You can spend hours per day saying affirmations, but if you don't believe in what you are saying, your subconscious mind will never regard those affirmations as true.

Attempting to lie to yourself by repeating affirmations that you don't believe will actually create an internal state of dissonance between the affirmation and what you subconsciously believe is true about yourself as well as what you subconsciously believe you deserve in your life.

The "solution" that is usually taught is to keep doing more of the same techniques in the hopes that your subconscious will eventually start to believe in the story that you are telling yourself.  This inevitably leads to failure and disappointment. 

I am going to tell you how to solve that problem soon, but the bottom line right now is...

Never Try to Convince Yourself of Something You Don't Believe

One of the key principles of the manifestation process is that you must believe in what you are telling your subconscious mind in order for your subconscious to accept it.

You must not EVER feel like you are lying to yourself in your manifesting efforts, because your subconscious mind is only interested in the truth.

Not necessarily Universal Truth, but rather what you believe to be true at a subconscious level. If you try to tell yourself an affirmation that you already have something that you know you don't, your subconscious mind will reject what you are saying, and nothing will change at the subconscious level.

Not only will the subconscious reject the affirmation, for most people, the belief that you DON'T have that thing will be strengthened!

This is why affirming or visualizing a reality that doesn't exist for a person does not work -- They simply don't believe in the reality they are trying to convince their subconscious mind that they already have. 

There are truly effective methods for making new imprints on the subconscious mind, but they aren't widely known at this time.

If you're wondering what your subconscious mind has to do with anything, then you need to know one very important thing...

Your Subconscious Mind is the Most Powerful Creative Force in the World

Yes, that's a bold statement, but it's true.  Your subconscious mind houses every single imprint and belief system that you have received or adopted in your lifetime, and the sum total of those imprints and beliefs determines the kind of life you will experience. 

If your life isn't going the way you desire, the problem lies somewhere in your subconscious beliefs.  There is good news though...

Your Subconscious Mind is Subservient to Your Conscious Mind

Simply put, this means that your subconscious mind is always open to new imprints from your conscious mind.

This is great news because it means that you do NOT have to settle for the same results in life that you've had so far.

This subconscious flexibility allows a person to radically change their lives IF they can release limiting imprints and beliefs, replacing them with new imprints that can be believed and accepted.

The most commonly made mistake in manifestation is trying to force imprints onto the subconscious mind that it simply cannot yet accept.  You need to be honest with yourself when manifesting and choose goals that you believe you can actually achieve, and that you truly deserve.

This doesn't mean that you won't ever manifest your big dreams, but if you are starting at zero, you'll need to move progressively to level one, then to two, etc until you reach a thousand. 

In order to consciously apply the amazing manifesting power of your subconscious mind, you need to imprint your subconscious mind with gradually expanding concepts of greater success in life, in a way that your subconscious mind can actually receive without resistance.  However...

Manifesting is About a Lot More Than Goal Setting

It is not enough to set goals and put intentions "out into the universe" in order to manifest.  Becoming a powerful manifestor requires fundamental changes in the way a person thinks, feels and acts on a daily basis.

Becoming a powerful manifestor requires developing greater levels of...

Mental Peace

A mind at peace can manifest far more powerfully than one engaged in mental conflicts with one's self and others people.

Subconscious Awareness

We must be aware of our subconsciously held beliefs and patterns in order to modify our subconscious environment.

Receptivity & Gratitude

We can manifest far more powerfully when we are in a state of receptivity and gratitude for life's abundance.

Life Can be Better Than You Can Even Imagine

Properly cultivating the power of your subconscious mind leads to amazing results

However affirmations, vision boards and imagining a reality that you wish you had, but don't actually believe is possible are not effective tools to cultivate your subconscious power.

Your Imagination Can Actually Limit Your Results(!)

How often in life have things in your life turned out differently than you imagined? A lot of the time? That's a good thing! The truth is that we often limit our manifestation results by imagining a narrow spectrum of possibility that we think we want, thus restricting the amazing potentials that Life / The Universe could bring to us.

Truly Effective Methods of Manifestion Are Within Reach

Once you understand the principles of manifestation and learn to cultivate the power of your subconscious mind, life can start unfolding for you in amazing and almost magical ways.

I Want to Share My Secret Manifestation Methods with You

I have spent over 20 years studying manifestation teachings and techniques, throwing out what does not work (which was most of it) and listening to Inner Guidance to develop entirely new methods based on the underlying Universal Principles of manifestation.

I then went to work thoroughly testing those methods and principles in my own life and in the lives of clients with tremendous success. 

By applying the Universal Principles of Manifestation, I have been able to manifest amazing levels of Health, Abundance, Love, Business Success and most importantly: Deep Inner Peace. 

I can truly say that through the application of these principles and techniques that I am happier, healthier and better than I have ever been in my life, in every conceivable way, and that life continues to unfold for me in amazing, almost magical ways. 

For a very long time my manifestation secrets were only available to my one-on-one coaching clients who were ready to receive them.  Even then, I had to be careful to give each person the pieces of the puzzle that they were able to understand and implement.  However, the time has come where...

Every Manifestation Secret Will be Revealed

Through application of these Manifesting Principles I have been truly blessed in my life, and it is time for me to share these blessings with you.  If you are ready, all of my secrets will be yours to use in your life.

I have prepared a Manifestation Master Class that will systematically guide you through all of the truly effective Manifestation Principles and Techniques I employ so that you will know exactly what to do in order to step into a life that is more amazing, abundant, healthy, loving, connected, fun and joyful than you ever thought possible.

This Master Class is 100% pure actionable content with zero fluff, fillers or time-wasting.  Every Principle and Technique that you will learn will empower you as you take each step forward into the most amazing, blessed life that you can possibly live.

Your Keys to an AMAZING LIFE:

Master Class

The Manifest Clearly Master Class is a series of Six two and a half hour in-depth classes that will teach you everything you need to know, do and embody in order to step into a life that is more amazing than you can imagine.

In this ground-breaking Master Class, I teach the Universal Principles of Manifestation and how to apply them in your life on a daily basis so that you can express your natural manifestation abilities. 

This program will dispel manifestation myths you have heard and give you truly effective, actionable tools to manifest your true desires.

The first class will be available immediately after your purchase, and each subsequent class will become available in your lifetime access download area every 7 days.

In the Manifest Clearly Master Class You Will Learn

  1. The 20 Universal Principles of Manifestation.
    Knowing and using these principles will allow you to consistently manifest your desires instead of getting intermittent results
  2. Why Your Subconscious Mind Holds the Keys to Your Manifestation Powers.
    Once you understand the power of your subconscious mind and learn to harness it, life starts to become amazing and almost magical.
  3. How to Create the Mental & Emotional States Necessary for Successful Manifestation.
    Once you learn to "lock in" to these states of being, your experience of life becomes immensely better, even before anything externally has changed.

You Will Also Learn

  • How to Correctly Influence Your Subconscious Mind for Tangible, Consistent Manifestation Results
    These techniques will allow you to direct the power of your subconscious mind toward manifesting an incredible life
  • A Revolutionary Method for Subconscious Imprinting that Works Almost Like Magic
    With this method you will always know exactly how to imprint your subconscious mind for maximum life success
  • Why You NEED to Keep Your Manifestation Efforts a Closely Guarded Secret
    Understanding and applying this one principle will boost your manifestation results tremendously
  • How to Create Mantra-Like "Magic Phrases" That Build Your Manifestation Powers
    Knowing this ancient formula for why mantras work and how to use them today will skyrocket your success
  • How to Subtly Alter What You Say to Yourself and Others to Stay Fully Aligned with Your Manifestations
    Once you understand apply this, you will never again self-sabotage your manifestation results with your speech
  • The Details of Why You Must NEVER, EVER Attempt to Lie to Yourself if You Want to Manifest Anything
    Nearly every manifestation system out there gets this wrong, but I'll show you how to avoid this trap
  • Why There is No "Easy Way to Attract Your Ultimate Life" Without Effort (Real Efforts Are Required)
    These techniques won't require very much time during your day, but real, consistent effort IS required
  • How to Become an Abundant "Generator of Blessings" that Sows the Seeds of Grace Throughout Your Life
    This one simple practice will radically transform your life for the better in numerous ways
  • How to Engage in Realistic Gratitude to Become More Receptive to the Best that Life has to Offer
    Understanding how to harness the power of Gratitude will open you up to receiving blessings that you truly cannot yet imagine
  • How to Release Beliefs, Limitations and Fears that have been Blocking Your Manifestation Efforts
    This vitally important part of the process clears your path so you can step into a much larger, more magical reality
  • How to Connect and Align with the Ultimate Universal Power to Supercharge Your Life Experiences
    Once you learn this, the ways you experience "the universe" will feel far more personal, intimate, supportive and nurturing
  • How to Create Affirmations that Actually DO Work, When You Should use them, and When NOT to
    Knowing when and how to create your own affirmations will add "rocket fuel" to your manifesting results
  • How to Connect with Your True Desires and Speak Them Into Reality (and When to Stay Silent)
    This one is very subtle, very powerful, and very easy to get wrong, but you'll learn exactly what to say and not say in this class


John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I'm Seriously Blown Away at How Fast This Works!”

“Working with Cameron over the last three years has been one of the best investments in time and money I could have ever made.  The short and long-term effects of his work are truly miraculous.  He has helped me to process emotional blocks and remove subconscious programs that were keeping me stuck.

We have now moved into the manifestation process and I'm seriously blown away at how fast this works!  After only one session using the techniques that he taught me, I began seeing instant results. 

Opportunities, gifts and blessings come to me quickly and in the most unexpected ways.  It's amazing to watch the Universe deliver my goals and desires so easily.  I highly recommend his techniques to experience the abundance that is there for all of us once we have the tools to move beyond obstacles and live in gratitude and resonance with Source."

Diana L.
- Massage Therapist

“Cameron's Tools Are Original, Unique and Priceless...”

“In over thirty years of study and spiritual work, I have never encountered a healer/teacher as authentic, gifted and skilled as Cameron Day.  His ability to intuitively identify key issues such as subconscious beliefs, programming, family of origin wounding, dense energies and trauma while deftly guiding you to their healing is profound.

His insights resonate as Truth, and the tools he shares actually work.  They are original, unique and priceless.

Cameron's warmth and compassion are boundless, and his humor timely and kind.  His work will help you identify, reorganize, unwind and clear whatever hampers the full expression of your most authentic Self.  In a myriad of demonstrable ways, my work with Cameron Day has changed my life."

Alisa D.
- Author, Counselor, Entrepreneur
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Cameron's Classes Have Helped Me Immensely”

“After 30  years of going from healer to healer to resolve a difficult issue, Cameron knew exactly what was wrong and how to resolve it within minutes at our first appointment.  His classes have helped me immensely and I continue to benefit from them as well as the tools he has provided me in our sessions.

I have seen beneficial and concrete improvements in my life through working with Cameron.  He is a gifted healer and a warm, caring person, and I am eternally grateful for his presence in my life."

Christine S.
- Doctor of Chiropractic

Take Action Today to Manifest a Brighter Future

This is the part of a sales page where you usually see outlandish value assessments for the product or class being sold, but I'm not going to do that.

I charge $120 per class for online seminars, which totals $720 for this 6 seminar Master Class, and it is a GREAT deal at that price considering that other manifestation courses are being offered at $999.

However I want to make this decision easy for you, so I am deeply discounting the price to $497, and I offer a two-payment option to make it more affordable.

For the cost of two private sessions with me, you will receive Six amazing classes filled with life-transforming content.  Each class is about 2.5 hours, and the final class is nearly 3 hours.

As soon as you purchase, you will have access to the first class in streaming video, downloadable video or downloadable audio, along with all of its related supporting materials.  Every 7 days you will receive access to the next class and its related materials.

The Manifest Clearly Master Class is a Six-Week program with over 15 hours of powerful content designed to radically shift your subconscious mind into states of health, prosperity, abundance, inspiration, gratitude, joy, and deep inner peace in a real, grounded, practical manner.

There is truly nothing like this available anywhere else.

100% No B.S. Guarante

Secure Payment 

More Testimonials

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Cameron's Skills as a Teacher are Exemplary.”

“Even though I had transformed my life through a very committed spiritual practice over many years, working with Cameron in his gentle, loving and insightful way, my own awareness expanded exponentially.

Cameron's skills as an intuitive healer and teacher are exemplary. With his incredibly diverse gifts, we were able to heal an irritating 10 year health issue along with digestive problems, all done remotely!

This man is a true gift to humanity, and I cannot recommend his work more highly.”

Robyn N
- Meditation Coach, Author & Speaker

“Your return on investment with Cameron is PRICELESS”

“My experience working with Cameron has been consistently outstanding.  Unlike many "gurus" who will recruit you into their school of thought, Cameron's goal is to empower people to tap into their own inner compass and stand in their own power.

Cameron will challenge you to let go of many things.  Be ready to dissolve limitations, ego constructs, poverty consciousness and any dramas that are not in alignment with your true identity.  Be ready to turbocharge your life and embody nothing less than your best self.

I consider Cameron my secret weapon against anything that would keep me from walking my highest destiny.  In his classes, you have the opportunity to break out of old patterns that no longer serve you, and free yourself to truly embody the Inner You.  

The end result of my work with Cameron is that I am walking my soul mission with tremendous clarity and confidence because I have strengthened my connection with my True Self.

Your return on investment for working with a being of Cameron's ability is PRICELESS."

Danilo H.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Cameron Day
Creator of Manifest Clearly

About the Author

From the earliest years of my life I have been drawn to explore the deepest aspects and questions of life. My studies have ranged through every topic imaginable, with a primary focus on transforming human consciousness and manifestation.

Through my studies and meditations, I have been able to tap into amazing levels of reality-altering consciousness that have shown me many key principles of manifestation.

All of those keys are revealed in the Manifest Clearly Master Class, and I am thrilled to be able to transmit these powerfully transformative principles and tools to you.

Are You Hesitating to Invest in the Manifest Clearly Master Class?

Maybe you looked at the cost for this Master Class and thought that it is too expensive.  The truth is that it is actually priced extremely low for the value that you will receive.

How much is it worth to live in a better place, have more career fulfillment, a more compatible partner, plenty of money in the bank AND be at peace with yourself and the world? 

You will receive easily 100-1000 times more value out of this class than the money you invest.  If you put in the time and effort to implement the manifesting principles that I can teach you, your life will improve.

Are You Hesitating to Invest in Your Life?

I know you have probably invested money and time in other manifesting classes and techniques, but your true desires haven't manifested...yet. 

The Manifest Clearly Master Class is like nothing you have experienced before.  The investment of time and money that you make here will pay dividends for the rest of your life.  The shifts that this Master Class will make in your subconscious mind will unfold in ways that you can't even imagine.

In one year, you will look back on the decision to invest in the Manifest Clearly Master Class as the pivotal point in your life.  The point when everything started changing for the better.  The point when your old patterns started to unwind and a new life full of possibilities started to unfold for you.

Your Enrollment in the Manifest Clearly Master Class Includes

  • Access to all 6 Master Class online seminars, totaling over 15 hours of content.
  • Unlimited access to all class recordings in streaming video and downloadable .MP3 audio format to review and deepen your understanding
  • Supporting .PDF documents to help your manifestation process
  • Specially designed .MP3 audio tracks to successfully imprint your subconscious mind with powerful manifestation archetypes
  • Bonus video on silence meditation
  • Lifetime access to all class recordings in video and audio form, as well as all course materials
  • Being able to manifest your True Desires

100% No B.S. Guarantee

Secure  Payment 

100% No B.S. Guarantee

I guarantee that you will not encounter any B.S. in my courses, but if you take the Manifest Clearly Master Class and you truly think that it is all BS, I will give you a refund.

Please note that this is NOT an unconditional money-back guarantee.  Those are often abused by people unwilling to put time and effort into improving their lives.  However, if at the end of the class you believe that you have wasted your money and that you learned nothing useful, I will absolutely give you a refund.

P.S. :: If you're not sure if the Manifest Clearly Master Class is right for you, I would like you to consider the cost of not taking action.  If you continue to do the same things you are currently doing in life, you will continue to have the same experiences you have already had, over and over again.

However, if you step out of your comfort zone and take actions that you've never taken before, you can step into new and more fulfilling experiences.  If you take action to imprint your subconscious mind in the ways that I can teach you, your life WILL change for the better. 

Yes, I want to get started in the Manifest Clearly Master class now!